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16 févr. 2012

Journal of African Union Studies






CALL FOR PAPERS: A Defining…and Difficult Decade - The African Union’s Continued Quest for Continental Renewal

The advent of the African Union (AU) was hailed as an event of great magnitude in the institutional evolution of the continent. One of the central visions of the AU is that of “an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the global arena.” The AU is currently proactively engaged in achieving some of the salient objectives it had set out for itself to achieve, including the achievement of greater unity and solidarity between African countries and the peoples of Africa, the promotion and defence of African common positions on issues of interest to the continent and its peoples, the promotion of peace, security and stability on the continent, the promotion of popular participation and good governance and the establishment of the necessary conditions which would enable the continent to play its rightful role in the global economy. In light of the increasingly high-profile of the AU and its accelerated participation in international affairs a clarion call has arisen for the need to engage in critical and rigorous scholarly inquiry of this continental body and its important endeavours.


As the AU prepares itself for the celebration of its 10th anniversary in 2012 (since its formal launch in 2002) it is likely that considerable, intensive and sober introspection will take place in the run-up to the event. This is likely to include a rigorous 10-year review of the continental body’s achievements, its triumphs and the areas upon which the AU must accelerate its engagement and improve vastly upon. Most importantly this should also include an acknowledgement of the failures that have destabilized the continent and also undermined the credibility of the AU in its continued metamorphosis into a strong, credible and legitimate representative of the African continent and its citizenry. The purpose of the inaugural issue will thus be to contribute to this critically important review and debate, calling upon scholars both on the continent and internationally to contribute articles around this particular theme.


Contributions of between 6,000-8,000 words are invited on (but not limited to) the following issues:


1. The AU: A Critical Reflection

·        From OAU to AU: The Advent of a Genuine Evolution and Transition?

·        An Appraisal of the AU’s Institutional Framework

·        The Relevance of the AU within the Global Context- A Critical Appraisal

·        Vision 2022- The Future Challenges Facing the AU in the Next Decade


2. Making Peace Happen?: The AU’s Peace & Security Agenda

·        Keeping the Peace in a Difficult Neighborhood- An Appraisal of the Successes and Failures of the AU’s Peacekeeping Endeavors

·        The African Union’s Peace and Security Architecture- Building on Shaky Foundations or Solid Ground?

·        After Libya- Rethinking African Solutions to African Problems?

·        Herding Cats? The AU’s Track-Record on Mediation in African Conflicts


3. The Human Rights, Governance and Democracy Dividend- Is the AU Delivering?

·        The AU’s Response to Unconstitutional Changes of Government- An Appraisal

·        The AU and the Advancement of Women and Gender Mainstreaming

·        Appeasing Autocrats or Tackling Tyranny? The AU’s Track Record in Upholding Democratic Norms and Values

·        The AU’s Response to Human Rights Violations

·        People-Power? An Appraisal of Civil Society’s Participation in the AU’s Activities

4. The AU & Africa’s Economic Renaissance

·        The State of Intra-African Trade

·        Can NEPAD Foster Africa’s Development?

·        The Importance of Regional Economic Communities

·        The Persistent Challenge of Food Insecurity


5. Strengthening Africa’s International Relations

·        The AU’s Relations with Asian Powers

·        The Future of AU-UN Relations- Partners in Peace?

·        The AU’s Relations with the G-8/G20

·        The State of Relations Between the AU and EU


Contributions of 6,000-8,000 words, using the Harvard Method can be submitted to:


Gerrie Swart

Editor, Journal of African Union Studies

Submission Date: 16 February 2012

Authors will be notified by e-mail whether their submissions were successful or not. Successful contributions will be submitted for peer-review by two anonymous reviewers.



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