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19 mars 2013

Women Building Peace

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Accord Insight

1er mars 2013

Understanding Peacebuilding as Essentially Local

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Stability: International Journal of Security and Development


1er oct. 2012

Improving International Support to Peace Processes: The Missing Piece

PDF 1570388-0 ko >


Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

11 juill. 2012

Unfinished Business: A Framework for Peace in the Great Lakes

PDF 533463-0 ko >


Africa Center for Strategic Studies

1er juill. 2012

Measuring the Impact of Peacebuilding Interventions on Rule of Law and Security Institutions

PDF 770616-0 ko >


Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces

1er mai 2012

Economies of Violence and Peacebuilding: Towards Policy Coherence

PDF 412075-0 ko >


Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Center

25 avr. 2012

How Perks for Delegates Can Influence Peace Process Outcomes

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Centre for International Governance Innovation

12 avr. 2012

South Sudan: Prospects for Peace and Development: Volume I

PDF 2741095-0 ko >


United Kingdom House of Commons

15 mars 2012

International Support to Post-Conflict Transition: Rethinking Policy, Changing Practice

PDF 1327591-0 ko >


Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

1er mars 2012

Consolidating Peace: Liberia and Sierra Leone

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Conciliation Resources

31 janv. 2012

De-Radicalising Islamists: Programmes and Their Impact in Muslim Majority States

PDF 564629-0 ko >


The International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation

12 janv. 2012

Somalia: Creating Space for Fresh Approaches to Peacebuilding

PDF 343240-0 ko >


Life and Peace Institute // Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies // University of Notre Dame

1er janv. 2012

Proof of Concept - Learning from Nine Examples of Peacebuilding Evaluation

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United States Institute of Peace // Alliance for Peacebuilding


26 oct. 2011

Consequences of Civil Conflict

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The World Bank

1er sept. 2011

The Economics of Peace: Five Rules for Effective Reconstruction

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United States Institute of Peace

31 août 2011

The Triple Compact: Improving Accountability in State Building

PDF 867332-0 ko >


Centre for International Governance Innovation

19 juill. 2011

Peace Implementation in the Post-2005 Era: Lessons from Four Peace Agreements in Africa

PDF 1115298-0 ko >


The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes

1er juill. 2011

Religion in Conflict Transformation

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Politorbis // Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs // Center for Security Studies

20 juin 2011

Resources for Peace

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Peacebuild // Paix Durable

25 mai 2011

Global Peace Index, 2011

PDF 416933-0 ko >


Institute for Economics and Peace // Vision of Humanity

25 mai 2011

Global Peace Index 2011: Results Map

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Institute for Economics and Peace // Vision of Humanity

21 mai 2011

Women as Peace Builders: On the Ground and at the Table

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Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

16 mai 2011

Women in Religious Peacebuilding

PDF 813647-0 ko >


United States Institute of Peace // Peaceworks

2 mai 2011

Measuring Peacebuilding: Challenges, Tools, Actions

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Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre

1er avr. 2011

Making Peace after Genocide: Anatomy of the Burundi Process

PDF 766112-0 ko >


United States Institute for Peace

31 mars 2011

Refugees and the Regional Dynamics of Peacebuilding

PDF 270810-0 ko >


International Peace Institute

31 mars 2011

The Evolution of Conflict and its Implications for Peacemaking [Summary, Spring 2011 Experts Retreat]

PDF 752962-0 ko >


Center for International Conflict Resolution at Columbia University

1er mars 2011

Nation-building Interventions and National Security: An Australian Perspective

PDF 281070-0 ko >


Prism / Center for Complex Operations (National Defense University)

1er févr. 2011

Building Afghan Peace from the Ground Up

PDF 289636-0 ko >


The Century Foundation

1er févr. 2011

Double-edged Swords: armies, elite bargaining and state-making

PDF 634057-0 ko >


Crisis States Research Centre / London School of Economics / Development Studies Institute


30 nov. 2010

When Truth Commissions Improve Human Rights

PDF 189461-0 ko >


The International Journal of Transitional Justice

28 nov. 2010

Afghanistan: Exit vs Engagement

PDF 384051-0 ko >


International Crisis Group

1er oct. 2010

States of Conflict: Lessons in Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

PDF 277462-0 ko >


Institute for Public Policy Research

1er sept. 2010

Post-Conflict Democratization: Pitfalls of External Influence

PDF 450429-0 ko >


Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich

1er sept. 2010

Conditions pour la consolidation de la paix en Côte d'Ivoire

PDF 667790-0 ko >


Internacional CATALÀN Institute

30 juin 2010

Measuring Progress in Conflict Environments (MPICE): A Metrics Framework

PDF 1432360-0 ko >


United States Institute of Peace // United States Army // Peacekeeping

1er avr. 2010

Civilian Capacity in United Nations Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Missions

PDF 752598-0 ko >


Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

1er janv. 2010

Institutional Constraints to Effective Peacebuilding in Liberia

PDF 718130-0 ko >


Norwegian Institute of International Affairs


9 nov. 2009

Implications of Peacebuilding and Statebuilding in United Nations Mandates

PDF 106438-0 ko >


Center on International Cooperation // New York University

17 juill. 2009

Update Report on Post-conflict Peacebuilding

PDF 169211-0 ko >


Security Council Report, juillet 2009

1er juin 2009

Peacebuilding: Imperialism’s new disguise?

PDF 280173-0 ko >


Constanze Schellhaas and Annette Seegers, African Security Review Vol 18 No 2, 2009

18 févr. 2009

If only There Were a Blueprint! Factors for Success and Failure of UN Peace-Building Operations

PDF 216434-0 ko >


Jaïr van der Lijn, Netherlands Institute of International Relations


31 déc. 2008

The Coherence Dilemma in Peacebuilding and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Systems

PDF 745091-0 ko >


Cedric de Coning, African Journal on Conflict Resolution, volume 8, numéro 3, 2008

26 août 2008

La Commission de consolidation de la paix : la paix durable se fait attendre

PDF 579795-0 ko >


GRIP, Neil Lopes, Chercheur-stagiaire, Bruxelles

31 mai 2008

Assessing Progress on the Road to Peace: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Activities

PDF 2796528-0 ko >


Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict // European Centre for Conflict Prevention


31 déc. 2006

Measures of Effectiveness: Peace Operations and Beyond

PDF 1359231-0 ko >


Pearson Peacekeeping Centre // Centre Pour le Maintien de la Paix

30 nov. 2006

Le rôle des militaires dans la reconstruction d'États après les conflits

PDF 2872293-0 ko >


Yann Braem, Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer , Christian Olson et Raphaël Pouyé

31 août 2006

The Peacebuilding Dilemma: Civil-Military Cooperation in Stability Operations

PDF 70010-0 ko >


The International Journal of Peace Studies


30 nov. 2005

Peace by piece: Addressing Sudan’s conflicts

PDF 1558610-0 ko >


Mark Simmons et Peter Dixon, Accord International Review of Peace Initiatives, numéro 18, 2006

1er nov. 2005

Shaping a Security Governance Agenda in Post-Conflict Peacebuilding

PDF 424260-0 ko >


Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces

30 avr. 2005

Peacebuilding and Human Security: A Constructivist Perspective

PDF 217448-0 ko >


The International Journal of Peace Studies

1er janv. 2005

Tools for Peace? The Role of Religion in Conflict

PDF 815279-0 ko >


Life and Peace Institute


30 nov. 2003

The United Nations and Global Security

PDF 0-0 ko >


Price, Richard M. et Mark W. Zacher (dir.) New York : Palgrave

30 nov. 2003

Handbook on United Nations Multidimensional Peacekeeping operations

PDF 0-0 ko >


ONU - Département des Opérations de Maintien de la Paix


30 nov. 2001

Towards Better Peacebuilding Practice

PDF 0-0 ko >


Galama, Anneke et Paul van Tongeren (dir.) European Centre for Conflict Prevention.


25 janv. 1995

Supplément à l'Agenda pour la paix

PDF 70752-0 ko >


Boutros Boutros-Ghali