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5 sept. 2012

Balanced on a Knife-edge: The Future of Libya`s New State

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Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre

1er juill. 2012

Measuring the Impact of Peacebuilding Interventions on Rule of Law and Security Institutions

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Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces

1er juin 2012

The Rule of Law and Security Sector Reform: Conceptualising a Complex Relationship

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The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces

1er juin 2012

Establishing the Rule of Law: The U.N. Challenge in Kosovo

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L'Institut français des relations internationales

1er févr. 2012

South Sudan: International State-building and Its Limits

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Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik // German Institute for International and Security Affairs

10 janv. 2012

Governance for Peace: Securing the Social Contract

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nited Nations Development Programme


31 déc. 2011

The Political Economy of State-building in Situations of Fragility and Conflict: From Analysis to Strategy

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Clingendael // Netherlands Institute of International Relations // Conflict Research Unit

1er nov. 2011

International Crimes, Local Justice: A Handbook for Rule-of-Law Policymakers, Donors and Implementers

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Open Society Foundation // Open Society Justice Initiative

28 oct. 2011

Cross-Cutting Report on the Rule of Law

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Security Council Report

14 juill. 2011

Stabilising Fragile States

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Africa Center for Strategic Studies

1er mars 2011

Nation-building Interventions and National Security: An Australian Perspective

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Prism / Center for Complex Operations (National Defense University)

1er mars 2011

Citizenship, the "Right to the City" and State Fragility

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Crisis States Research Centre Working Papers // London School of Economics // Destin Development Studies Institute

1er mars 2011

Building a State that Works for Women: Integrating Gender into Post-Conflict State Building

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Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior

1er févr. 2011

Double-edged Swords: armies, elite bargaining and state-making

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Crisis States Research Centre / London School of Economics / Development Studies Institute

31 janv. 2011

Security, Humanitarian Action and Development

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Overseas Development Institute

1er janv. 2011

Corruption Perceptions Index 2011

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Transparency International


31 oct. 2007

Enhancing United Nations Capacity to Support Post-Conflict Policing and Rule of Law.

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Joshua G. Smith, Victoria K. Holt, and William J. Durch, Washington, DC: The Henry L. Stimson Center

28 févr. 2007

Mapping and Fighting Corruption in War-Torn States. Washington

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Alix J. Boucher, William J. Durch, Margaret Midyette, Sarah Rose, and Jason Terry, DC: The Henry L. Stimson Center