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1er sept. 2013

Women in Conflict Mediation: Why it Matters

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International Peace Institute (IPI)

19 mars 2013

Women Building Peace

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Accord Insight


21 nov. 2012

Strengthening Research and Action on Gender-based Violence in Africa

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International Center for Research on Women | Gender-based Violence Prevention Network | South African Medical Research Council

1er nov. 2012

Preventive Diplomacy and Conflict Prevention: Obstacles and Opportunities

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Stability : International Journal of Security and Development

1er juill. 2012

Women's involvement in Conflict Early Warning Systems

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HD Center for Humanitarian Dialogue

12 avr. 2012

South Sudan: Prospects for Peace and Development: Volume I

PDF 2741095-0 ko >


United Kingdom House of Commons

1er avr. 2012

The Peace Process and Afghanistan's Women (Part II)

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Civil-Military Fusion Centre

1er févr. 2012

Women and Gender in Afghanistan

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NATO Civil-Military Fusion Centre

22 janv. 2012

World Report 2012 - Events of 2011

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Human Rights Watch

17 janv. 2012

Women’s Security in South Sudan: Threats in the Home

PDF 1634942-0 ko >


udan Human Security Baseline Assessment // Small Arms Survey

1er janv. 2012

Implementing the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda in Afghanistan

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Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination


24 nov. 2011

Gender and Security in Africa: An Overview

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The Nordic Africa Institute

31 oct. 2011

UN SCR 1325 Implementation in Afghanistan

PDF 472479-0 ko >


The Afghan Women’s Network

31 août 2011

Female Staff Associations in the Security Sector: Agents of Change?

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Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces

1er juill. 2011

Gender Relations, Violence and Conflict Transformation

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Berghof Conflict Research

15 juin 2011

Just Add Women and Stir?

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Parameters Quarterly

21 mai 2011

Women as Peace Builders: On the Ground and at the Table

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Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

16 mai 2011

Women in Religious Peacebuilding

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United States Institute of Peace // Peaceworks

13 mai 2011

Afghanistan Transition and Kabul University: Winning Minds, Losing Hearts

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The International Council on Security and Development

1er mai 2011

Gender and Security Sector Reform: Examples from the Ground.

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Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces

30 mars 2011

At the Margins of SSR: Gender and Informal Justice

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Centre for International Governance Innovation

28 mars 2011

Causes of Sexual Violence During Civil War: Cross-National Evidence (1980-2009)

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Humphrey School of Public Affairs // University of Minnesota

1er mars 2011

Building a State that Works for Women: Integrating Gender into Post-Conflict State Building

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Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior

28 févr. 2011

A Gendered Perspective on the Impact of Conflict in the Horn of Africa

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Nordic Africa Institute // Nordiska Afrikainstitutet

24 janv. 2011

Gender-Based Violence in Southern Sudan: Justice for Women Long Overdue

PDF 280652-0 ko >


Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic

1er janv. 2011

Sexual Violence in African Conflicts

PDF 291952-0 ko >


Centre for the Study of Civil War / International Peace Research Institute, Oslo


30 déc. 2010

Gender, Violence and Survival in Juba, Southern Sudan

PDF 96839-0 ko >


Humanitarian Policy Group

30 nov. 2010

Sexual Violence in African Conflicts

PDF 416788-0 ko >


Congressional Research Service

25 oct. 2010

Afghan Women Speak: Enhancing Security and Human Rights in Afghanistan

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Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

1er oct. 2010

Women, Peace and Security

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Security Council Report

30 sept. 2010

Who said it was simple? Implementing 1325

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The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes

1er juill. 2010

Handbook for Coordinating Gender-Based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Settings

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Gender-Based Violence Area of Responsibility Working Group

26 janv. 2010

Terror, Tribes, and the War on Women in Pakistan

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Council on Asian Transnational Threat Research




30 nov. 2007

Les femmes et la guerre

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CICR, Comité international de la Croix-Rouge, Genève

28 févr. 2007

Les femmes, la paix et la sécurité : l’expérience des ONG canadiennes

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Groupe de travail sur la disparité des sexes et la consolidation de la paix, Robynn Collins et Saskia Ivens


30 nov. 2006

Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict : Global Overview and Implications for the Security Sector

PDF 1101918-0 ko >


The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF)

1er oct. 2006

Gender, Peace and Peacekeeping

PDF 237227-0 ko >


PILLAY Anu. ISS Paper 128. 12p

28 juin 2006

Beyond Victimhood: Women's Peacebuilding in Sudan, Congo and Uganda

PDF 774030-0 ko >


International Crisis Group, Africa Briefing N°112

1er janv. 2006

Red Shoes: Experiences of Girl-Combatants in Liberia

PDF 2046839-0 ko >


International Labour Office


1er déc. 2005

Engendering Wartime Conflict: Women and War Trauma

PDF 1741105-0 ko >


Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation

30 nov. 2005

Documenter les violations des droits des femmes par les acteurs non étatiques

PDF 1217193-0 ko >


Centre international des droits de la personne et du développement, Jan Bauer et Anissa Hélie, Montréal


1er oct. 2004

Girls and Warzones: Troubling Questions

PDF 238444-0 ko >


Life & Peace Institute


30 nov. 2003

Où sont les filles?

PDF 667266-0 ko >


Centre international des droits de la personne et du développement, Montréal, Susan McKay et Dyan Mazurana


30 nov. 2002

Peacekeeping and Gendered Relations

PDF 85934-0 ko >


Paul Higate, Peace and Conflict Monitor, University for Peace



30 nov. 2000

Women and International Peacekeeping

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Louise Olsson et Torunn Tryggestad, Londres: The Cass Series On Peacekeeping.


30 nov. 1999

Transformation des conflits en Afrique : La perspective des femmes africaines

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International Alert, Rapport de l'atelier sur la transformation des conflits en Afrique : La perspective des femmes africaines, Dakar, Institut de Gorée, 23 - 26 mai 2000.


30 nov. 1998

Les femmes et la consolidation de la paix

PDF 0-0 ko >


Dyan Mazurana et Susan McKay, Centre International des Droits de la Personne et du Développement Économique, Montréal.