Documents de références liés au lexique : Relations militaires/ humanitaires



1er mars 2011

The Comprehensive Approach in Afghanistan

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Prism // Center for Complex Operations (National Defense University)

1er mars 2011

To Stay and Deliver: Good Practice for Humanitarians in Complex Security Environments

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Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

31 janv. 2011

Humanitarian Workers: Aid For The Aid Givers

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Chatham House / The World Today


31 déc. 2010

Risk in Humanitarian Action: Towards A Common Approach?

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Humanitarian Policy Group / Overseas Development Institute

30 sept. 2010

Challenges of Strengthening the Protection of Civilians in Multidimentional Peace Operations

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International Forum on the Challenges of Peace Operations (Background Paper)

1er janv. 2010

Humanitarian Security Needs in the Field - Addressing the Situation in Darfur

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Norwegian Institute of International Affairs


30 nov. 2003

Militarisation de l'humanitaire, privatisation du militaire

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Samy Makki, Paris: Cahier d'Etudes Stratégiques 36-37, CIRPES.


31 mai 2002

The ICRC and civil-military relations in armed conflict

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Meinrad Studer, Revue Internationale de la Croix Rouge, vol.83, n°842, pp.367-392.


31 déc. 2001

A bridge too far : aid agencies and the military in humanitarian responses

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Jane Barry et Anna Jefferys, Londres: Humanitarian Practise Network Paper, n°37, ODI.


30 nov. 1998

Military civilian interactions. Intervening in humanitarian crisis

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Thomas Weiss, Boston: Rowman & Littlefield.

30 nov. 1998

NATO and humanitarian action in the Kosovo crisis

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Larry Minea, Terry van Baarda et Marc Sommers, Providence: Institute for International Studies Occasional Paper, n°36.


30 nov. 1995

L'opinion, l'humanitaire et la guerre. Une perspective comparative

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Samy Cohen, Paris: La Documentation Française.