About ROP

Created in 2005, the Peace Operations Network (ROP) has quickly grown into a key resource in the field of peace operations for Francophone practitioners, academics, researchers and journalists alike.

Affiliated with the Center for International Studies and Research of the Université de Montréal (CERIUM) in Canada, ROP aims to shed as much light as possible on peace operations while reinforcing the capacity of Francophone countries in peace operations.

ROP proposes multidisciplinary projects that reflect the current state of research and answer the needs of the different actors involved in the field of peacekeeping. It is able to lead those projects thanks to its extended network of experts and its multiple partnerships with governmental institutions, international and regional organizations, research centres and NGOs.


In 2012, ROP opened a branch in Europe, within the Centre d'étude des crises et des conflits internationaux (CECRI), a research center based at Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.

The website

The www.operationspaix.net website is the leading French-language reference source  on peace operations.

- It provides in-depth coverage of all peace operations underway or completed, and gives an overview of the contribution of each country to peacekeeping.

- The website compiles daily news on peace operations, and offers analysis and institutional documents on numerous themes and issues affecting actors involved in peacekeeping.

- It also offers a pool of more than 150 experts specialized in different aspects of peace operations.

Understanding and analyzing peace operations

Through its research component, ROP is developing a research program in collaboration with its partners. This program, inspired by the experiences of practitioners, has the goal of nourishing and enriching the thinking of researchers by strengthening the bridge between theory and practice. ROP's research activities focus on the civilian aspects of peace operations, what analysts and researchers commonly describe as peace building.

The research branch of ROP regularly organizes international conferences and seminars on various peace operations issues, where renowned researchers and practitioners share their expertise and their field experience. Experts such as Louise Arbour, Romeo Dallaire, William Durch and Jean-Marie Guéhenno have addressed topics ranging from the impact of referendums in Sudan to the future of peace operations.

Reinforcing peacekeeping capacities

Since 2007, ROP has conducted a program to support capacity-building for peacekeeping among countries of the Francophonie represented in international and regional forums. This capacity-building program takes the form of thematic seminars bringing together high-level ambassadors, diplomats and experts on issues of security and peace, such as Francophone experts participating at the C34 in New York, or the Consultative Group of Francophone Ambassadors in Addis Ababa. ROP also provides support for the training of peacekeeping actors through cycles of technical training and capacity-building projects related to the African Peace and Security Architecture. It is a member institution of the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC).

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